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Evangelism Seminar

Featuring Jerry Tallman
Author of His Eternal Plan

These links below are to the lessons that were given on April 7-9 2006. They are Real Audio files and require Real Audio or Real Alternative.

About Jerry Tallman

Jerry Tallman was born and raised in Rochester, Michigan.  He spent 11 years as a draftsman in the engineering field.  During this time, he and his wife, Connie, were actively involved with the Rochester Church of Christ teaching Bible classes and working with the teens.

In 1974, he and his family moved to Lubbock, Texas where he studied and graduated from the Sunset International Bible Institute.  After graduation from Sunset, Jerry preached for five years in Plainwell, Michigan. 

In 1981, Jerry returned to his hometown of Rochester where he served as pulpit minister for the Rochester Church of Christ for 20 years.  In November 2001, he stepped down from his role in the pulpit and began serving as Rochester’s Minister of Evangelism and Outreach.
Jerry has developed a practical way of sharing the gospel with others.  He has conducted numerous workshops for congregations and evangelists in the U.S. and Canada--teaching them how to use this effective, one-on-one, teaching method.  The Sunset International Bible Institute has produced a video series featuring Jerry and demonstrating his teaching approach. He will be sharing this method with us over the weekend. His descriptive analysis on this series is found in the following paragraphs.

As seekers of truth, we must begin with some basic facts, and then look at the Bible for an understanding of God’s plan and love for mankind. Search, study, and inquire as a truth seeker for the answers to questions. We start with this basic question, “What is Christianity all about?”

There is some confusion about this question because many different varieties of people with different beliefs call themselves Christian. Christians are people who have faith in Christ Jesus. They are followers or disciples of Jesus Christ and His teaching. I would like for us to think about the fact that Christianity rests upon a foundation made up of three major pillars.

The first pillar is the fact that there is a God. There is a creator of this universe, one who sustains our lives. He will be our future judge someday.

The second pillar of Christianity is the fact that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is not something written by man. Man held the pen, but God inspired or moved the men in what they wrote.

And finally, the third pillar is the fact that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Christians really hold firm to the belief that there is a God, that the Bible is His Word, and that Jesus Christ is His Son.

If you would like to order His Eternal Plan please go to Jerry's website: His Eternal Plan