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Dear Brethen,

Clearly, two of the most important responsibilities we have as Christians are to love one another and to help carry out that great commission we all share in Christ -- to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Over the last three years, through our own special contributions, teen group fundraisers, and generous support of caring Christians like you, the Church of Christ here in Waterbury, Connecticut has been able to contribute in a small way to the continuing earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti.   

Although small in nature compared to the daunting tasks and overwhelming need of many Haitian neighborhoods, including those where Christians meet, our efforts have been truly blessed by God’s providence and your generous support.  We in Waterbury, my family in Haiti, along with Haitian Christian friends and neighbors, remain eternally grateful for your timely support.

During the last three years, through our combined efforts, we have been able to funnel several thousand dollars and a decent amount of supplies to help meet some of the immediate basic needs of Haitian Christians and others.  Since the earthquake, we’ve been able to establish a food program, start church and housing reconstruction projects, conduct evangelistic outreach and preacher training initiatives.   With all the funds raised, we were able to sponsor a place of worship for the church in Jacmel, which was devastated by the earthquake.

With God’s blessing, we intend to do the same for the Church that that meets at L’artibonite.  Through our combined efforts we have managed to purchase land for construction.  Unfortunately, we are now out of funds and the project has stalled.

For your awareness, the L’artibonite congregation was established a little more than three years ago as a result of a radio program.  Currently the congregational consists of 60 plus Christians who meet in a rented facility we leased for a year.  Although it has been a blessing, the lease will run out in September 2013.

With that date in mind, we are currently trying to raise financial support to finish the construction project and continue support for other much needed programs, especially food for the children, evangelistic outreach, and preacher training.

We hope to raise at least $30,000 prior to a mission trip we have planned for next summer.   My father, Evands Pierre, continues to be our point man in Haiti.  He has worked tirelessly and sacrificially -- in spite of the numerous hardships affecting his own family -- to ensure that the church families remain strong in Jacmel, L’artibonite, and in other nearby neighborhoods where Christians reside.

We need your help!  Can you help us? 

Those who plan to travel with us to Haiti will raise their own funds.  The first $150 of the expenses for each participant will go toward the work that will be done in Haiti.  The rest will go toward individual expenses – airfare, hotel, etc.  Our current estimate is that each missionary will need about $1450 total for their expenses.

However, our main concern is raising the $30,000 for building construction.  That is the goal, but heavy on our minds, is the hope to raise enough money to begin construction on the foundation as soon as possible to lay the ground work for our visit this summer.

Therefore, as you plan your budgets for 2013, we prayerfully ask that you consider this mission effort and include us in your budget plans for a one-time donation of $2,500.  You might also consider taking up a special contribution from the congregation targeting the Haiti mission.  Either of these, or both, would be greatly appreciated, but whatever you are able to give would be a blessing to many.  

Details of our mission plans and the work currently in process in Haiti can be found here on our website as a PowerPoint File (click here).   Also, if possible, I would like to come for a visit to give you an update on the Haiti mission.

Please let me know as soon as you can, if you are open to a visit.

Thanks again for your generous support in past years.  Please make current donations payable to the Waterbury Church of Christ, and designate the funds to the Haiti mission.

We are sincerely yours in Christ,

Donny Pierre, Youth minister   John Wooding, Deacon for Youth
Church of Christ, Waterbury, CT   Church of Christ, Wallingford, CT
Ralph Mastrianna, Elder    Lee Pawloski, Elder
Church of Christ, Waterbury, CT.   Church of Christ, Wallingford, CT